Kitty Katastrophe


Hi there!
I'm Kitty and I'm a freelance artist. I draw chibis and anime girls. I offer commissions and YCH. You can find ways to contact me and my socials below.

Terms of Service

By commissioning me you understand and agree to my Terms of Service.IntroductionI reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason.
I may cancel the commission and issue a full refund if I decide to no longer work with a client.
There are no deadlines unless specified otherwise, only rough estimates. If you need a commission by a specific date please discuss this with me.
Payment is expected in full, in advance. I usually take paypal, please discuss with me if you need another method.
Clients may request anonymity and/or an alias on the queue if they wish.
My queue is on ClickUp if you would like to see where you are in the queue.
Commission Process(Queue times may vary, standard wait time is 1-4 weeks. Please keep this in mind while placing your commission.)
You can commission me by contacting me directly on instagram, twitter, DA or any other site I put my art up on. You can also contact me by e-mail.
References are preferred. I can however go off a full description if it well detailed.
If I accept your commission, I send you a PayPal invoice. Payment is needed within 48 hours of sending to reserve a slot in my queue.
Work will not begin until after payment is made in full.
You may ask for updates or WIPS at any time.
Unless specified otherwise you will be sent a sketch for approval, you may ask for changes if necessary. Once the sketch has been approved I move on to line art and flat colour which will also be sent for your approval and can have changes. Once approved the final render will be done.
After you accept the flat colour there will be no room for major changes, the only exception is if I the artist have misinterpreted the design or missed anything that was clearly stated in the commission form or reference sheet.
You will be given a high resolution PNG file as well as a smaller upload friendly PNG file once the commission is finished. It’s your own responsibility to download and archive these for your own use.
CopyrightI maintain right to all work I create in any digital, traditional or print form under the name Kitty Katastrophe. This includes but is not limited to using commissioned work in portfolios, promotional pieces etc.
If you wish to purchase the rights to your commission or character for commercial purposes (for profit) then a fee is applicable which is (+100% price)
If you do not want your piece to be included in any promotional material you can request to be exempted from this.
You have the right to use your commissioned piece for any personal/private use, such as icons, banners, uploads, prints or phone screens for yourself and loved ones are considered private and personal use. If you are unsure if something qualifies for personal use please contact me.
I reserve the right to make changes to any work I create for my own personal and commercial use. Such as repurposing a background or adding watermarks to portfolio work.
The client may upload and share their commission anywhere as long credit is given to the artist.
The client may modify or colour their commission as long as I am credited as the original artist.
I am willing to work with clients if they are unhappy with their service or product. Please do not open a PayPal dispute without contacting me first.
Cancellations can be done before work has started and a full refund can be given.
Cancelling a commission after work has begun:
If your commission is cancelled and refunded all rights to the supplied artwork returns to me as the artist to use as I please, for example re-using the pose.
If work has begun, the client is only eligible for a partial refund,
75% refund if the sketch has been sent.
50% if the neat linework and flat colour has been done
When the artwork is completed refunds are no longer negotiable.
“Your Character Here” (YCH) & AdoptablesYCHs and Adoptables will be listed on twitter, instagram, ych.commishes and other art sites I am on. Rules for YCH and adoptables will be on the individual posts.
Payment is expected in full 48 hours after claiming or winning a bid, if client fails to provide information / payment in a timely manner the slot may be revoked and re-listed, if you have trouble paying within this timeframe please inform me and we can go from there.
In the case of auctions where the winner fails to claim their piece the second highest bidder will be contacted or it will be relisted.
Your Character here (YCH)Individual guidelines per listing usually applies, such as species, gender etc.
I reserve the right to turn down a YCH if I feel it is something that would not fit or is something I am unable to draw.
Adoptables & Custom DesignsI still maintain the rights to all work I create any digital, traditional or print form under the name Kitty Katastrophe.This includes adoptables and custom designs
Adoptables and custom designs are for personal use and not commercial, unless otherwise stated on the adopt auction/sale page. This means you cannot use them for things such as comic books, merchandise, brand logos etc.
You can however trade, give away or sell the design. (Please note the Terms of Service on licencing rights still applies even if the design is sold on or re gifted so please make the new owner aware)
There is no limit on how much you are allowed to resell an adoptable for.
You have the right to change the design in any way you wish.
The lore of your character is completely up to you.
You may share and upload your design anywhere, with appropriate credit.
If the design changes hands, credit must still be honored and given.
If the design changes hands, terms of service must still be honored.
Technical requirementsYou agree to and understand upon purchase you will receive a high quality png of your artwork. A transparent background version is available on request.
Please note it is your responsibility to make sure it is saved and backed up.
NSFW CommissionsI only offer nsfw ych currently
If you commission me for any kind of nsfw art you agree that you are over the age of 18.
The characters drawn must also be 18 or over.
Quick commissioning guideCan do:
Humans / humanoid characters
Some furry, please ask beforehand if it is a custom piece. Furry is fine on ych.
Chibis, any gender.
Cute female characters, I can do men but they do not turn out very masucline. (Anime style)
Any clothing or cosplay
LGBTQ+ content is completely fine.
NSFW Ych, you must be 18 or over.
Wings, please discuss beforehand though.
Can't/Will Not do:
Extremely masucline characters
Heavy Gore
Mecha or heavy armour
Banned Content
Hate art, e.g. nazis, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia etc
Any kind of NSFW depicting minors. Whether this be real people or characters. Characters must be 18 or over.
Style-matching, I will not copy another artists style for a commission.

Chibi ych available (single character) £23/$30